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Artigos sobre Secagem de Plantas Medicinais.

Aqui apresentamos artigos sobre secagem de plantas medicinais, que encontrados em nossas buscas pelas bases de conteúdos na Internet. O objetivo é ajudar os pesquisadores da área, sem a pretensão de valorar quaisquer um deles em relação aos demais.

Ultrasound in wet biological materials subjected to drying. 2017

Comparative study of microwave-vacuum and vacuum drying on the drying characteristics, dissolution, physicochemical properties, and antioxidant capacity of Scutellaria extract powder. 2017

Far-infrared radiation heating assisted pulsed vacuum drying (FIR-PVD) of wolfberry (Lycium barbarum L.): Effects on drying kinetics and quality attributes. 2017

Experimental investigation of bound and free water transport process during drying of hygroscopic food material. 2017

Toxicology of Herbal Products. 2017

Application of Power Ultrasound on the Convective Drying of Fruits and Vegetables: Effects on quality. 2017

Mathematical modelling and morphological properties of thin layer oven drying of Vernonia amygdalina leaves. 2017

Effect of drying method to antioxidants capacity of Limnophila aromatica. 2017

Advances in Ultrasonic and Megasonic Processing of Foods. 2017

Novel Drying Techniques for Spices and Herbs: a Review. 2017

Effect of guard cells electroporation on drying kinetics and aroma compounds of Genovese basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) leaves. 2017

Efficiency of the optimized microwave assisted extractions on the yield, chemical composition and biological activities of Tunisian Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oil .2017

Drying kinetics and shrinkage analysis of Valeriana officinalis roots. 2017

Secagem de folhas Mentha piperita em leito fixo utilizando diferentes temperaturas e velocidades de ar. 2017

Effect of Different Drying Methods on Some Biochemical Properties of Iranian Ox-tongue (Echium amoenum Fisch. & Mey.) 2017

Extraction optimization and influences of drying methods on antioxidant activities of polysaccharide from cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum L.) 2017

Studies on convective drying of 'Ameclyae'Opuntia ficus-indica seeds and its effect on the quality of extracted oil based on its α-tocopherol content. 2017

Effect of drying methods on the physicochemical properties and Fatty Acid composition of Moringa Seeds Oil 2017

Characteristics of Different Systems for the Solar Drying of Crops 2017

Characteristics of Different Systems for the Solar Drying of Crops. 2017

Economics of Solar Drying. 2017

Solar Drying Systems. 2017

Techno-economic Analysis of Solar Dryers. 2017

Design Analysis and Studies on Some Solar Drying Systems. 2017

Fundamental Mathematical Relations of Solar Drying Systems.2017

Economic Analysis of Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal (PV-T) Integrated Indirect-Type Solar Dryer. 2017

Assessment of phenolics contents and antioxidant properties in Cimicifuga dahurica (Turcz.) Maxim during drying process. 2017

EHD in thermal energy systems-A review of the applications, modelling, and experiments. 2017

Effect of drying methods on physico-chemical properties and antioxidant activity of Dendrobium officinale. 2017

Development of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) powder using foam mat drying. 2017

Herbal Drugs: Their Collection, Preservation, and Preparation; Evaluation, Quality Control, and Standardization of Herbal Drugs. 2017

Development Of A One Pass Microwave Heating Technology For Rice Drying And Decontamination. 2017